Oh Canada


We took these photos July 1st but due to our busy lives they have been sitting in magnetic space on my hard drive for a couple weeks and only now are they in photon form on your screen.  After a nice day in Pak-ing-ham (read Pakenham) we headed back to Ottawa to watch the fireworks with a couple friends/neighbors. Parliament hill is usually packed with people on Canada day and to avoid that mess we decided to go to a local island with a long bridge and view of the fireworks. The bridge was also packed so we made our way to an old abandoned train bridge nearby. We weren't the only ones with the idea of watching from the bridge. There were all kinds of people making their way all over this abandoned structure. Some older people on lawn chairs and photographers with tripods to people who probably shouldn't have been there stumbling around old wooden structures in the dark.

After the fireworks we set the camera on a cinder block we found and had some fun with long exposure shots and sparklers.