Strawberry Summer Pt. II

Okay, so this post is somewhat improperly named as it does also involve raspberries, but I decided to run with it regardless.

Last weekend I got the lovely opportunity to go berry picking on Saturday morning with a friend who was just as eager to get some berries before the season ended. Turns out we were both in the same boat in that every time Strawberry season rolls around we've been wanting to go, but somehow life happens and next thing you know it - it's the end of July! Typically though - I'm a big advocate for picking local. Not just for the support-local movement, or the childhood memories it brings, but because fresh, Ontario strawberries just taste WAY better than those ginormous California ones.

We are not quite so homemaker-esque as some people who fill baskets upon baskets of berries in order to stock up on jam and pies, but what can you expect for young couples with tiny freezers?

We also got a small basket each of raspberries while we were there. Maybe it's because I spend too much time in a candy store, but doesn't the bottom picture look exactly like the Dutch raspberry candies