National Ice Cream Day

I've alluded to it a couple times, or if you follow Jon on Instagram you will have noticed, I (Katriina) am no longer working at a boring law firm - but instead a beautiful, adorable, yummy, boutique candy store. In fact, The Candy Store. Located in Westboro (350 Richmond Rd.), we do all sorts of sweets and goodies - whether just a little bit - or for large events (Hello wedding buffet). Yup - I basically live and breath wedding and photography. 

While I haven't been super immersed into the wedding side of things, I love being able to make and do cute things for a living - if not for weddings, then in the store. Today is National Ice Cream Day. We sell a couple different flavours of ice cream so in order to get people in to the store, I took a photo to post on our Facebook page. Check it out. 

Another project I worked on this past week... we have so much cotton candy product in the store. Pop Rocks, gum, Jelly Belly, Circus sticks, Carambar, salt water taffy - and of course - actual cotton candy. So please - if you like cotton candy - come visit me in the store and buy some! Even if you don't like cotton candy, we've got plenty of other things so come visit.

I didn't make our new store window, but isn't it beautiful?