Wrap the Ham

First off, we haven't made a blog post for a while - and for that - sorry. That of course, doesn't mean we haven't been taking pictures - in fact, it means quite the opposite of it. We recently did Jon's sister's wedding (to be posted up on the blog soon), so we've been focusing on getting those edited and out to her before editing all the nick-knack photos we take.

Secondly, we've got really corny friends. On the Canada Day long weekend we decided to escape the crowds that come to Ottawa and retreat into the countryside to enjoy a nice day off. This brought us to Pakenham (or as one of our friends called it when he forgot the name of the town, Wrap the Ham). We decided to climb up Mount Pakenham - and it ended up being quite the gem. We found wild blueberries, a porcupine in a tree, a pond on top of the summit... all in all quite beautiful. Except for the deer flies.

The picture with the old train bridge supports is on the Madawaska River in Burnstown. We plan on going back this summer to see if they would be any good for swimming / climbing  / jumping off. And then the last picture is from an old, abandoned train bridge crossing the Mississippi River (the Lanark county one), in Pakenham.