Pt. IV - Bridal Sessions in Historic Portugal

The final post about the five amazing locations we visited in Portugal with this dress series. View Pt. I for backstory. Also, in case you haven't fallen in love with Portugal yet, I'm sure once wedding season slows down we will also share personal photos from the trip. Stay tuned on Facebook.

Dress: Arroh & Bow Infinity Dresses - The Handmade Bride
Floral Crown: Jewel Feathers - also sold at The Handmade Bride

Lisbon - the streets of Lisbon are full of traditional European charm like you cannot find in North America.

Zambujeira do Mar - located in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park, this small beach with a waterfall was a perfect example of the rugged coastline Portugal has to offer.

And the above photo but in GIF format!