Portugal Vacation 2015

We are pretty darn pumped to share we have booked plane tickets to Portugal for July 1st to 14th! So far we have no other plans (literally not even a car rented... we should probably get on that), and so we wanted to do a call out to you, whoever might be reading this to share in your knowledge.

Any must see places? Epic swimming holes? Abandoned buildings? We will probably spend a few days in the major cities, but love to explore the countryside and experience some of the best that Portugal has to offer.

While it is our vacation time (a big props to our Brides & Grooms for not booking us for a couple weekends straight!), we're probably not going to be able to put down the cameras so if you want to collaborate with us, definitely get in touch! Honeymoon session anyone?

Here are some photos from our past travels, we can't wait to experience Portugal!