Playing in the Rain

Everyone hopes for a nice, sunny day on their big day but we all know the weather doesn't always cooperate with our plans. Rain or shine we want to be able to take great photos. Sunday proved to be grey and rainy here in Ottawa so we saw this as an opportunity to try some portraits in the rain. The idea was to really accentuate the raindrops and make them a key element of the photo. To do this I stuck a flash on a stand and put a freezer bag on it with an elastic to keep it dry. The flash was placed behind the subject and fired remotely from the camera to light the raindrops.

I think this worked out pretty well. You can see below the difference between shooting only with ambient light and than shooting with the flash back-lighting the raindrops. It really makes the photo pop.

No Flash - Ambient Light

Off Camera Flash - Backlit

Another one of Katriina.