Lefroy Visits = FOOD

On a weekend trip a few weeks back we went to a small-town garage-sale / street festival (Cookstown Wing Ding). As always, whenever there is samples available - we are both advocates for taking part. There was a meat-booth (yep - it's as great as it sounds) set up with quite a few samples so with Katriina's sister and brother-in-law we went to town. There are a couple rules to sampling though... 1) You can't be hungry 2) You're not supposed to get sucked in.

But.. but... MEAT samples. 

Yeah. We broke rule #2. Homemade Mennonite summer sausage. How can you say no? We ended up splitting a ... (tube? roll? stick?)... with Elisha and Nate and off we went happy.

It was just so authentic / pretty in it's cloth wrapping, and my mom had such a nice cutting board so I decided to try out some food photography. Food photography isn't really something we do, but boy, I (Katriina) would LOVE to be good at it. I drool at the photos in my Bon Appétit magazine. Maybe on day. For now, you can join us in drooling at the sausage/salami.

Here's a couple other food related photos from the weekend. For those of you who don't know - my mother is a genius. With food that is. And being amazingly crafty/frugal. That tablecloth? Oh - sorry I mean shower curtain (yup!) - As-Is section of Ikea. She's an inspiration to me.

Also, yes - that is filet mignon, garlic-butter shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, stuffed portobello mushrooms, plus corn + baked potatoes (with all the fixings)..... nom nom nom. I hope I didn't just make you drool over your keyboard. Hope you enjoy the photos.