Clare & Conor's Zibi Ottawa Wedding

It seems like the rain this summer had had us watching the weather forecast daily up until a wedding only to have it change last minute. It's not that we mind rain on a wedding day, we actually embrace it and own it. However; it is nice to know what to expect and plan for. This June day was one of those days that wasn't supposed to rain until the morning when it changed to a forecast of rain in the afternoon only to end up not raining at all all day.

As we usually do, we started our days apart, Katriina with Clare and Jon with Conor.  We have to admit, sometimes the morning prep can be a little tense and sometimes its more stressful for one side than the other. We get it. A lot of work goes into your wedding and getting married is a huge commitment. All that to say that Clare and Conor are the CHILLEST people ever.  On their wedding day, under the stress of planning, organizing, coordinating and designing a DIY(yet still super classy) wedding these two were cool as cucumbers. 

We absolutely loved being a part of Clare and Conor's wedding. Here are some more reasons why:

  • Zibi is a cool industrial venue
  • Their families are super warm and welcoming
  • Fajitas (definite contender for best wedding meal)
  • Homebrew beer favours (It was delicious Conor)
  • The speeches had us laughing, then crying

If we had to give some wedding advice after this wedding it would be this:

Centre the day around your love for each other, add in family and friends and things you like but keep your focus on each other. It was apparent that they love each other deeply and that was the focus of their day and we are so honoured to have been a part of it.

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