Rebecca & Emil Canadian Cottage

Now that Christmas is gone, but the snow is still here to say for another couple of months - most Canadians are now back to thinking about the glory days of summer. And boy was this late-summer shoot the ultimate Canadian experience. Rebecca & Emil took us took a cottage in Quebec where basked in the beautiful forests, fields and the water, had a bonfire, and finished the night off with a sunset swim in the lake. Definitely an evening well spent.

Summery Outdoor Engagement Session
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Golden Hour Engagement Session
Dreamy Canadian Engagement Session, Cottage, Fields, Golden Hour
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Ottawa Gatineau Wedding Photographer
Lakeside Wedding, Engagement Session
Drinking wine by the water
Dreamy Ethereal Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Gatineau Engagement Session, Lakeside Sunset
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Aerial Drone Photography
Canadian Rowboat Engagement Session
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Cottage campfire Jonathan Kuhn Photography
Bonfire Canadian Cottage
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Dreamy Sunset Engagement in the Lake