Grace & Abe - Engaged

It's always very flattering when we are asked by a photographer to capture their engagement and wedding. Grace has some wonderful work of her own and you should check it out here. We met up with these two at the Courtyard Restaurant in the Byward Market to recreate one of their early dates; coffee followed by dessert with a mix of laughter.  People ask us if it's awkward being photographed in a restaurant or coffee shop surrounded by other patrons.  Typically the answer would be yes, it can be a little awkward at first but that fades very quickly . The restaurant was very accommodating for and they put us in a quiet area  by ourselves (we picked a slower time of day) so we were unencumbered when taking photos and I'm sure Grace and Abe felt a little more comfortable. After some coffee and laughing we braved the outdoors which had turned from a snowless cold day to a snowy (but still cold) winter wonderland.

Thanks for letting us be a small part of your life Grace and Abe, we are really looking forward to your wedding!