Strawberry Summer Pt. IV

Just kidding.

No strawberries to be found in this post. But there is BLUE berries. I have this slightly unhealthy obsession with free, wild fruit and it definitely came out last weekend at the aforementioned cottage.

Upon realizing that we would be heading a bit more north for this cottage, I instantly rejoiced over the prospect of picking blueberries. I spent a lot of time as a kid in Sudbury (my mom's hometown), where blueberries roam abundantly along the rocks but haven't had any fresh wild blueberries for years. I've been in serious withdrawal of blueberries and milk. Anyways, Jon was THE biggest trooper and was super supportive of my obsession and we managed to find a couple small patches of blueberries. And he only got attacked by fire ants once in the process.

For those of you who have never tried wild, Ontario blueberries. Do it. Just like how local strawberries are way better, so are these blueberries. Highbush (cultivated) tend to be much larger, but not as flavourful or sweet.  Plus wild also means organic... bonus!