Trying Out the Brenizer Method

We went out today with one task in mind - attempting the Brenizer method. For those of you who don't know what that is - it's a photography technique that allows you to create a very shallow depth of field, past that which your lens will typically allow. It's done through stitching multiple photos together through Photoshop. So while the second photo looks like it is shot at the same focal length (50mm) as the first one, the lens is actually much longer (at 180mm). Both photos were shot from the same position. The first one was shot with a Canon 50mm @ f/1.4 while the second was with the Canon 70-200mm @ f/2.8 - in approximately 24 frames. This results in an effective aperture of f/0.7 .

For comparison - 50mm at f/1.4

Brenizer Method - 180mm at f/2.8