We hope you enjoy your little air plant! 

We like air plants. They don't take much care and best of all don't require soil and a pot. While air plants take much less attention and work than the average house plant, they do still need a bit of TLC. While you do not plant it in soil, since it gets it's nutrients from the air, they do still have to be watered (or rather bathed).

Watering will of course vary depending on the season and how dry your house is, or what room you keep it in, but as a general rule of thumb, misting it at least once a week, and then fully dipping it once a month in water should do the trick. The number one rule though, with soaking the plant, is to make sure it dries properly to avoid water being left in the centre and then rotting.

Lighting? - Bright rooms, but with indirect or filtered light (So the windowsill may be out)
Type of Water - Since there are no roots or soil filtering the water, these puppies are a bit more picky. While rain water is best, tap water that has been left to sit for a while (something about the chlorine - just Google it)  can be used. Distilled water and Salty-Softened water are definitely on the never list.

Besides keeping it alive, want some ideas on what to do with your air plant?
We've made a Pinterest board with some ideas. Keep in mind with any of the terrariums, your air plant will need circulation so don't forget about it in there!



Please don't use this info as the be-all-and-end-all of air plant knowledge. If you love it, it won't hurt to do some of your own Googling to make sure your air plant is being given what it needs!